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I came to visit Newgrounds for the Christmas season and was welcomed by this excellent animation! One question: How did Santa not notice the fire when he came down the chimney?

chluaid responds:

he doesn't use chimneys anymore. He's a skilled lock pickerist

Cute and funny! The animation was great and the story wasn't bad either!

JaceC responds:

Thank you very much for responding! Glad you liked it!

Great twist! It was creepy and cute!

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Such good timing with the premier of the Walking Dead! I felt pretty giddy with all the headshot bonuses, but sometimes the gun sights/cursor disappeared (which is REALLY bad at night). Another thing that occasionally disappeared was the red question mark that shows which buildings haven't been searched yet. Other than that, great game!!!

iTunes app store!

I saw this on the app store! Way to go, dude!

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Evil-Dog responds:

Hope you bought it :D

Nicely done! Very creepy.

The music was great. I feel like I've heard it somewhere before. This would be a very appropriate Halloween submission with the jack-o-lantern and all. There's a warning at the beginning about blood and gore but I saw none (not that I'm disappointed). Did I miss something? There are also three empty item boxes at the end of the game. Was I supposed to find a key for the master bedroom or armoire?

In the intro, the hunter says there are six hands in the village. Six hands equals three people, but there are at least four we encounter in the town (not counting the bundled thing) and two people are missing (Cameron and her dad). Did you mean six heads?

The credits animation is cute/creepy in a good way. Such fun!

Hyptosis responds:

Hey, actually by six hands he meant 6X5, because there are 5 fingers on each hand. :P Thanks for the feedback, I had to cut the story short some for the file size, so I didn't get to the gore yet, next game! ^_^ I just forgot to remove the warning. There are a few empty item boxes not used.

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So funny!!!

Two good Ash Ketchum impressions there. Is this a complete list of contributors?

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